Transform Your Basement into a Stylish Living Space

Your basement does not have to look like an abandoned dungeon where you dump all your old and unused stuff. It can be more than a space for boxes full of unknown knick-knacks. Do not let this space go to waste. You are missing out on home interior opportunities when doing so.

Many contractors offer basement finishing and remodeling services. Before you jump into remodeling your basement, here are some factors that you must consider:

1. Purpose of the room.

The first step of any remodeling project is to think about what use you have in mind. Do you plan to use your basement as an extra entertainment room where you can stream movies in your large flat-screen smart TV? Do you want to use it as a recreational room with a pool table and some tabletop games? Whatever plan you have with your basement, you have to know what you want.

2. Your budget.

Before you get excited, think about how much you are willing to spend. Your remodeling expenses will depend on how much work must be done. You must also consider the value of your property. You might end up overspending for something that will not sell much in the future. To determine what makes a sensible and reasonable spend for a basement finishing and remodeling, check out homes that have been recently sold in your neighborhood. Compare the price to how much you are planning to spend on your basement.

However, if you have the cash to spend for a basement finishing and remodeling and you have no problem with resale values, then go ahead.

3. Your home’s health.

Make sure that the foundation of your home is still sound. Look for cracks in your floors, walls, leaks, and suspicious plumbing issues. You might need to upgrade or solve some problems first before you start your project.

From cluttered and dark to spacious and functional, here are some ideas to give you some inspiration in remodeling your basement:

1. Create your home office.

Working at home ain’t as easy as it seems. The distractions are endless: from the TV to the dogs, to the squabbling children, and the very inviting couch. Turning the basement into your home office is the perfect way to escape these distractions.

2. Transform it into a bedroom.

Create your retreat with a bedroom basement. It is an intimate and hidden space where you can run to for some peace. You will just need to consider the insulation and ventilation to make it more relaxing and delightful. Choose a cozy color for your walls, such as brown, warm beige, deep blue, or soft grey. These colors are warm and sophisticated and can make your basement bedroom feel more inviting.

3. Transform it into a family rec room.

Basements are great for family activities. Put up a big screen Smart TV, a pool table, and a shelf of board games. Add some game consoles and amp up the entertainment factor with a home theater.

Put some comfortable furniture for you and the children to lounge in. Decorate your family rec room like you would decorate your living room upstairs. You can choose to paint the walls of your basement rec room with vibrant and fun colors, or you can choose some neutral colors like beige. The choice will depend on many factors, such as your preference and the color of your furniture.

woman reading

4. Put up your own library.

Got too many books, and your shelves are overflowing? Why not transform your basement into your own personal library? Put up some shelves along the walls and leave one wall bare for an open feel. Install some warm lighting fixtures to make your basement library well-lit. Wall-mounted light fixtures and recessed lights are perfect for an inviting and warm ambiance.

Add in some comfortable furniture where you can read all day, or where you can also entertain guests and visiting family. Place an end table or a coffee table where you can set your food, drinks, and of course, your books. To protect your books, make sure that your basement library is waterproof. Moisture is your book’s number one enemy. You can also add a humidifier to protect and prolong the life of your book collection.

5. Convert it into your children’s playroom.

When it’s the cold or rainy days, your children will need some indoor space where they can run wild and be free. If you do not want your kids to make a mess in your living room, you can transform your unused basement into an indoor play place. Choose a bright color for your walls, or you can use colorful and attractive wallpapers. Keep your light fixtures high and out of the way to keep your kids safe. Do not forget storage for your kids’ toys and books and furniture. Cushion the floor with foam mats for a safe and comfortable play space.

There are many other ways to make your basement functional. As your family grows, your house will feel smaller and more cramped. Assess what aspect of your life needs more space and transform your basement to your needs.

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