Understanding an Automotive Shop Environment

An auto shop is one of the business types requiring various tools and equipment for its operation. Given this point, it is best to ensure you have the right and updated tools based on your auto shop’s services. These pieces of equipment may be a bit steep, but skimping on them may cause more harm than good.

Since it is imperative to have the right equipment in this line of business, you need a reference to jumpstart your business. Read on to know what equipment your shop should have.

Common Equipment Auto Shops Should Have

Every business has its requirements you should meet to ensure smooth operations. In this case, choosing an auto shop as your business idea means you are ready to acquire various types of equipment. Given this point, it is better to be familiar with what tools you need to perform business functions. See them below:

1. Air Compressor

A large compressor is the best fit for an auto shop. In this case, you have to buy the right one to ensure better performance. For instance, consider a compressor with a capacity somewhere between 60 and 120 gallons. There are more factors that you should check aside from capacity, including but not limited to the following:

  • Horsepower (HP)
  • Air Pressure (PSI)
  • Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)
  • Tank Size
  • Stage (Single or Two)
  • Duty Cycle

2. Jacks

A jack is a primary requirement of an auto shop business. In this case, you have to purchase a jack of high quality. It will help your mechanic work underneath the vehicle. For this reason, ensure that the jack your business will buy is of the best quality. In effect, you can prevent injuries involving jacks, putting members’ safety at risk.

3. Vehicle Lift

Another tool that you should invest wisely is a vehicle lift. Your mechanics will use this tool to lift the car in the air and work on it underneath. For this reason, make sure to prioritize the safety features as a primary consideration. You may choose a two-post vehicle lift for sale or go for a scissor lift. In any case, the best one is that with high quality and safe for the auto shop’s members.

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4. Oil and Drain Caddy

Every car requires a regular oil change. This service needs oil and drain caddy to store old oil for potential reuse. Besides, the recycling of motor oil brings a positive impact on the environment. Your auto shop can even reduce expenses because you can use refined and recycled oil to heat oil, asphalt, and many more. Thus, this tool is a must-have in your auto shop.

5. Battery Charger/Jumper

One common issue that most clients encounter is a dead battery. Given this point, you will need a battery charger or jumper. It may seem like a simple tool, but its role in your auto shop is massive. Meanwhile, some models have a feature of turning off automatically once the charging is complete. This tool is also an excellent investment for your auto shop business.

6. Engine Hoist

This repair tool helps remove or install gasoline or diesel engines more easily. In this case, it is best to get an engine hoist that supports the maximum weight for the cars you render service. Additionally, this tool can help your members avoid backbreaking pain when removing engines. The tasks of your mechanics are challenging enough, so it is best to give them the support they need to perform better.

7. Brake Lathe

This tool is essential to correct the issues involving the brake systems. It can fix noises and vibration issues, prolonging the life of brake systems. Meanwhile, you also have to note the two types of brake lathes, which are the “on car” and “off car” lathes. They differ based on the requirement of the repair.

Final Thoughts

Generally, you can see that an auto shop involves a variety of tools and equipment. Aside from that, safety is one of the biggest factors that you should not miss in buying anything for your shop’s operation. You should not set aside your members’ welfare when deciding to buy any equipment. Besides, low-quality tools can affect their work performance in the long run. And how can you deliver services on a par with the best ones if you do not innovate?

Given these points, make sure to review all the requirements of an auto shop business. Tools and equipment will be among your major investments for this business line. For this reason, do your research and select the best ones for your business.

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