4 Factors That Usually Inflate the Cost of Fence Installation

Budgeting for a fencing project is not that difficult. Since materials account for most of the job’s cost, calculating how much you need to allot to this bill component should be easy as long as you know the kind, height, and design of metal fence gates you want and the size of the ground that will be covered.

What complicates the fence installation budget, however, are the contingencies. It is good practice to set aside 10% of the total funds to cover potential extra expenses, but it is never simple to accurately anticipate the scope of any additional work.

Below are some of the hidden costs that make a fencing project more expensive than initially expected.

  1. Problematic Soil Condition

The complexity of fence installation depends on what lies beneath the ground. Soft soil usually requires deeper excavation and more concrete to ensure the stability of each post. Clay likewise commands greater depth of holes. The presence of huge rocks could change the original installation plan, for they either require removal through the use of an excavator or need to be avoided completely.

It is possible to determine the soil condition of your lawn beforehand. However, it is a crime to take any information you glean at face value since nobody would know for sure until someone starts digging.

  1. Uneven Terrain

A sloping yard raises the difficulty of fence installation. By and large, the yard somewhat slopes down from the house allow for proper drainage. But when the ground near the borders of your property is still uneven, more site preparation will be in order.

Sharp slopes render material measurement much trickier since different specifications of stringers and boards will be necessary to meet the desired fence height. The amount of work that goes into it will affect the labor cost.

  1. Damaged Underground Utilities

It is imperative to carry out fence installation with the underground wires and pipes in mind. Otherwise, they could break accidentally and disrupt the services you receive through them.

The cost to repair utility systems depends on the extent of damage. What makes these repairs extra annoying is that they could suspend the fencing project until whatever was broken is fixed. If you hired a busy contractor, you might have to give way to others and wait for another date to resume the installation.

  1. Botched Workmanship

house with white fence

It should go without saying that you should entrust the job to a competent crew. The inexperience of green professionals could result in inconspicuous blunders that may haunt you later on.

If you are planning to do the job yourself, understand that you will need to bring the fence up to code. If you fail to comply with building requirements, you might have to redo the construction repeatedly and be forced to hire a qualified contractor to correct your mistakes.

Applying for a new permit may be needed if quit the job halfway and pass the responsibility to professionals. New paperwork costs additional money too.

Planning a fence installation budget requires significant circumspection. You ought to think with foresight and anticipate the challenges you might face along the way to be mentally and financially ready for surprise expenses.

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