Budget-friendly Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Market Value

Let’s face it: there might come a time when you have to sell your home due to circumstances beyond your control. Either you choose to sell it fast at a possible loss or put in on the market with an acceptable margin of profit. Better yet, you can add a bit of improvement that won’t demolish your savings but can maximize your property’s market price. If you choose the latter, here are a few budget-friendly fix-upper ideas that you can start with:

Improve the Exterior

Potential buyers will instantly judge your home as they drive toward it. They can easily be put off by unkempt gutters, tainted windows, dirty roofs, or stained walls. Put time and effort into cleaning out every inch of your home’s exterior, from the tip of the roof to the grounds surrounding it. Shell out a bit and hire affordable professional cleaning services from Pleasant Grove, such as Shine On Window Cleaning, for your windows, roof, gutters, and walls. If you can’t afford a paint job, this is the next best thing to add to your home’s selling price.

Fix the Lawn

fixing the lawn

Your lawn welcomes everyone who enters your house, so improving it can greatly add to your property’s value. Remove dry patches of grass and dead plants. Revive the grass and hedges that are still deemed healthy enough to grow. Fix up the path and add a few flowering plants in strategic parts of the lawn. There are cheap shrubs and bushes available in most gardening stores and even online. If you have friends and relatives with green thumbs, ask them for plants, seeds, or cuttings that you can use.

DIY the Interior

If you can’t afford to hire a painter or carpenter to completely repair and improve your home for selling, do it yourself. Go online to watch DIY instructional videos for small fixer-upper pointers. Read up on how to replace broken tiles, install door knobs, re-attach cabinet handles, and paint your home’s interior. There are DIY kits on the market that can help you fix scuffs on the walls and scratches on counters or repair broken glass. Doing these things all by yourself can save you a huge amount of money while making cosmetic enhancements to your home’s overall look.

Declutter and Reorganize

If you plan to market your home while you’re still there, the “lived-in feel” can be a plus once you create an organized and pleasant atmosphere for your possible buyers. In order to do so, remove all unnecessary items, organize all your possessions, and minimize clutter in all areas of your property. These include the attic, basement, and even the backyard. Consider this the first phase of your future move when your house finally gets sold, which will make transferring residences a lot easier.

Selling your home at its maximum asking price is every home seller’s goal. You may be strapped for cash due to the circumstances that cemented your decision to sell, but these suggestions can easily solve your dilemma. Besides, even if you change your mind about the sale when you complete these budget-friendly pointers, your home will be a better place to live in. Remember that these improvements can add comfort and convenience, and these are priceless commodities for you and your household.

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