Business and Leadership: Does It Matter?

Being the owner of your newly started business is nearly synonymous with being the leader, as you can individualize each aspect that revolves around it. Being a general director of your group means you can picture how the business flows in a larger view. Different leadership skills are necessary for individual tasks. You should be the authority in the workplace and be careful not to step out of your boundaries.

Employees depend on their leader to perfectly harmonize the workflow in a business. Without a doubt, leaders should teach their subordinates to ensure that quality control in the workplace is at par with society’s standards. Lacking skills in handling employee matters will disrupt the whole process.

Leadership Abilities

Leaders should first have a vast knowledge of the type of business they are getting into. Knowing the tricks to have an advantage over other competitors is an additional aspect of being better at supervising.

Negotiating with the suppliers to get the best deal in the market is also their job. More so, they should also hear what their customers want.

Problems arise when there is conflict within the business. Several obstacles will surely give leaders a headache when not dealt with properly. Below are some conflicts that you can expect.

Employee’s Demands

In every business, you will encounter employees that are needy and think highly of themselves. How to deal with them depends on how you approach them. An example would be employees asking for a raise. You need to tell them and understand that the power to increase their salaries depends on several factors. One of the best things to do is to recommend a raise depending on their length of service in the company and their track record. Otherwise, you can respectfully decline their request by telling them that you need more time to assess their works.

Another case would be for employees who demand to have more requests in terms of the work areas. Sure, we all could use some comfortable spaces in the office. But leaders should make their subordinates understand the limitations when it comes to funding. Being open to them is a great way to make them fully understand the status of their work.


Internal Conflicts

Every business has specific internal conflicts between employees. Siding with one of the employees is a big no-no in being a leader. It is best to take your time to hear what each side will say and explain to them the consequences of the conflict.

Conflicts that have a significant effect on the overall production of the business should be dealt with immediately. Imposing rules and regulations about internal conflicts will make the job of a leaderless hassle.

Customer Feedback

The customers’ voice is one of the things that will give you hints on whether the business is doing a good job or not. You should take action against any violent reactions from the customers that involve the shop’s services and facilities.

Properly dealing with the complaints of the customer should be the priority of the leaders. Even though the customer is wrong about what they complain, the leader and employees should not raise their voices.

Being respectful in dealing with the customers is a number one rule. But when customers cross the line, leaders should take action and call authorities to deal with them. Do not leave matters into your hands when there is violence.


After dealing with some problems that arise within the business, owners or founders should give incentives to the employees for a job well done. It can be through monetary gifts or giving bonuses during the holiday season.

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The never-ending cycle of having problems in a business can be exhausting to deal with, but that is why there is a leader in every workplace. As a leader, your personality should be to stay strong to the ground.

Adapting to each employee and understanding them will get the job done. Remember that each employee you manage has different personalities and needs from each other. Soon enough, you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor coming to full bloom.

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