9 Home Improvement Ideas For Pet Owners

Those who have pets, especially the bigger ones such as dogs and cats, know that it is just like having another person at home. The expenses are very similar to that of rearing a child. Between food, trips to the vet, and playthings, caring for pets can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re not an animal lover. That is why getting a pet should be given careful thought and planning.

In the same way that parents have to fulfill certain responsibilities in child-rearing, parenting pets also come with specific duties and obligations. And part of that is to provide the furry members of your family a home where they can thrive and be secure in.

Thus when pet parents upgrade their homes, they make their pets a huge consideration in the planning and execution. For instance, if they want to have a pool built in the backyard, they would consult with a reputable custom swimming pool builder about their pet concerns so they don’t get accidentally into the pool and drown.

Again, just like children, pet owners consider their pets’ safety and enjoyment above all else.

For pet owners who plan to give their homes an update specifically for their pets, here are a few cool ideas you can run with:

  1. Heated floors

Some pet owners are updating their flooring to disguise and hide scratches from their pets’ nails. Take it a notch higher and include radiant heat beneath the floor. Your pets will love you for it, trust us.

  1. Pet caves

Humans aren’t the only ones in need of a place to retreat to when things get too crazy, overwhelming, or stressful. Pets are also subject to a lot of different things that could cause them stress, such as loud noises and overstimulation. It’s only right that they have their own cave to go to calm down and relax. Some owners convert catchall closets into pet sanctuaries and deck them all out for their furry family members’ pleasure.

  1. Pet shower

Pet showers are an interesting pet-friendly update that can also increase your property’s value. Adding a showerhead in your bathroom that’s about three feet high with a hose and nozzle can make bathing your pets a lot easier. You can also do the same outdoors if you’re used to giving them a bath outside but we recommend installing one in your bathroom, too, especially for colder seasons.

  1. Pet-friendly landscaping

dog running

We all know how a nicely landscaped yard or lawn can add curb appeal and increase your home’s market value. There are landscaping solutions that will not just beautify your property but also make it a fun place for your pets to play or lounge in. You can always ask your landscaper for pet-friendly landscaping ideas.

  1. Pet patio

Pets also need to spend a good amount of time outdoors. Spending time outdoors has certain benefits for pets. If you can’t take them out for walks all the time, give them a dedicated patio where they can spend lazy afternoons or hang out after a hearty meal.

  1. Scratching post corner

Cats and dogs have the tendency to be destructive as with their paws. Giving them their own post to scratch whenever they feel like it will prevent them from destroying your furniture and messing up your home.

  1. Pet play zone and obstacle course

Pets need a place to run around and release some energy. In most cases, some ultra-destructive pets don’t get to release their pent-up energy so they take them all out on furniture and other household items. Give them an area where they can play and use up their energy. A play zone or obstacle course in the backyard is a great way to help them in this area.

  1. Decorative litter boxes

Unlike dogs that do their business outdoors, cats need litter boxes to do their thing. Don’t just give them a simple and dull litter box. Look for one that will go well with your interiors so that function meets aesthetics where kitty litter is concerned.

  1. Pet ramps

Physically challenged and aging pets will have a hard time making their way around the house without help. To increase their mobility and give them easier access to different parts of the house, have some pet ramps installed in key places.

Pets bring so much joy into our lives. They deserve all the love and attention you can give them, even if it comes in the form of making your home safe and fun for them.

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