Business 101: Small Things That Make a Big Difference

In a hundred-meter race, the difference between first and last place is, oftentimes, less than a quarter of a second. In a Formula 1 race, gaps in qualifying times are even smaller than that.

When it comes to corporate success, the same can be said. There is a fine line between achievement and failure, and being in front of the competition is measured in single digits, not billions. Hence, the greatest results usually come from little things, small changes here and there that reap the largest benefits and make the biggest difference.

Instead of making your goal to be an instant success, focus on what you can control, improve on efficiency, customer appeal, and marketing practices. Here are three ways you can do it.

It Starts With The Eyes

One of the many quotes about the importance of a first impression says, “How you present yourself is how people first view you. What are you showcasing?” What is it that you want your potential customers to see when they walk into your store, visit your website, or talk to one of your sales representatives? Do you want to exhibit an image of luxury, sexiness, reliability, or professionalism?

These are all important questions you must ask yourself before embarking on a corporate journey. Of course, the product or service you are exposing to the public is the most important thing. But how you present it is equally valuable.

For instance, when a customer walks into your store and sees properly outfitted carpets or flooring, clean walls, exceptionally dressed, friendly service staff, and well-organized items, chances are he will at least stay for a while and take a look around. On the other hand, if he encounters rudeness, messy stands, and an inconvenient layout, he will undoubtedly go somewhere else. Worst of all, he won’t come back nor recommend your shop to anybody else.

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A Strong Online Presence

Web designers, online marketing gurus, and content experts alike all talk about the value of a strong online presence and how it can help you not only attract but also maintain and expand your clientele. But what does that actually mean?

While there are several ways to go about it, it starts with your page loading time. In the 21st century, anything over 3 seconds is considered to be slow. Regardless of whether you have stunning pictures or captivating, enthralling videos and 3D animations, if your visitors have to wait for an eternity before they can see them, instead of being a useful marketing tool, they become counterproductive.

Second, a strong online presence entails ease of navigation. A great site has clear, self-explanatory links. And they work. As far as online etiquette is concerned, few things are more annoying than clicking on a link and realizing it either goes nowhere or it is malfunctioning.

Finally, it’s about social media and customer engagement. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts are not only there to promote things. They also serve as a means of engagement and two-way communication with your followers.

Managing Expectations

As of the end of 2020, a few of the fastest-growing companies in the world included Appfolio, Medifast, Texas Pacific Land Trust, Medpace Holdings, and Netflix. The first is a software business, while the second belongs to the health and wellness industry. As for the third, it deals with real estate while the fourth sells photographic and scientific equipment. And everybody knows what Netflix is.

As we can see, while they all share extraordinary business growth, they lie in very different sectors of the economy. As such, their growth cannot be attributed to economic circumstances or social trends. In all honesty, nobody knows the exact methodology to engage in for maximum corporate prosperity. If somebody did, then all businesses would flourish.

When running a business, you should be realistic about the time it will take for it to achieve success. Instead of focusing on numbers and sales targets, you should place your attention on continuous innovation, improving processes, hiring qualified staff, and providing exceptional customer service.

Sure, if you didn’t expect your enterprise to do well, you wouldn’t have started it. Still, this shouldn’t be the driving force behind your work.

Three important pointers to business prosperity are giving customers a great first impression, exhibiting a strong online presence, and managing your own expectations. These are all steps you can take no matter the size of your company or the industry you are in.

In the world of boxing, there is a common expression that means maximizing what you have at your disposal. It goes something like “packing the biggest punch.” So don’t let a lack of financial resources or stiff competition derail you from your entrepreneurial goals. With diligence, intelligence, and hard work, your enterprise will certainly thrive.


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