How Your Business Should Ship Heavy and Bulky Items

Whether you’re running an online furniture shop or a manufacturing plant, you know too well that delivering heavy and bulky items is challenging. This is because handling and transferring these items require more than the hands of humans. You will need the assistance of forklifts and lifters, and expect that there will be switches of trucks and transporters before these items reach their destinations.

On top of that, one crucial point that you must remember is handling delicate items properly. Heavy objects, such as piano and large vases, need to be packed with the utmost care. Securing them within the truck is also a priority to keep them from dropping into the floor and getting damaged because of the truck’s vibrations. Nevertheless, there are some ways and methods that will help you out with this.

Below are some of the pointers that will make shipping and delivery items truly a breeze.

Use the best pallets possible

You will need a better way to secure your heavy items. And one of the most reliable methods is by using a pallet. Pallets facilitate faster unloading and loading of items, thus leading to faster turnaround times of the truck. It also reduces the risk of damage significantly. If you’re delivering large and bulky perishable items, palletization also reduces the odds of temperature abuse. When it comes to pallet materials, choose the best wood or plastic variant as possible. When using them, you should be aware of the weight restrictions to prevent damage to the pallet and the product.

Add shock-absorbing cushions

When boxing and packaging your heavy items, you need to place them first in the center of the packaging material. That way, they will not tilt when couriers carry them. After that, put a cushion-like material around the item so that it will not bump into the hard sides and corners of the box during transport. You have to make sure that there are no empty spaces within the box, so add more filling as much as possible. When it comes to this, you should not use paper and newspaper. This is because this material tends to compress and flatten over the course of the shipment.

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Double the boxes

Some logistics managers and companies practice putting the box into another box to double the security and stability of the item. But don’t just stack your boxed item into another packaging material without doing something. In this case, you will need to put another cushioning item in the larger box. Examples of cushioning items are air pillows, which are basically plastic materials inflated with air. You can buy a machine that does this. Large bubble wraps may also do the trick.

Break down the items

Who says that you are supposed to pack the item whole. If the design of the item permits, you must disassemble it and pack the parts individually. That way, you can keep the item from sustaining more significant damage when you pack it as a whole product.

Work with a reliable logistics company

If you’re having doubts about your shipping capability, you can always go for someone who has the specialization. Thankfully, many trucking and shipping companies focus on the delivery of bulky items. Such superload transport firms have the methods and tools that facilitate a smooth move. Just make sure that you are working with a partner that has a proven track record in the industry.

Have them delivered safely!

When running a business that sells heavy items, you need to be more than careful when handling the goods. This will help ensure that your customers will be satisfied with your business.

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