Keep Calm and Use These Unclogging Solutions for Your Home Plumbing

Underneath the streets, there are networks of pipes and drains working to move waste and water throughout the city. A large part of that could containĀ specialty piping. Whether you live in Utah or another area, the water and sewage lines lead to their respective facilities, with the former going to your tap and the latter going to a waste processing plant. These lines are essential to human living, particularly in sanitation. Without these, you would be vulnerable to diseases.

Pipelines should flow smoothly to work optimally. They should be free of obstructions. As such, there are constant reminders at public bathrooms to not throw anything in the toilet bowl, including tissues. But sometimes people forget about them, as evidenced by the need to close some cubicles for repairs. As the saying goes, it is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. The same thing happens at home. The only difference is that you have to deal with it and even fix the problem yourself. Do not worry, though, as there are solutions to clear clogs in the drains using the following tools.


When you think of a clogged toilet bowl, the first thing that comes to mind is fixing it with the plunger. It has a rubber dome attached to a long handle, and nothing could be simpler than that. So how could it unclog your toilet then? The answer is air pressure. You use this by placing the rubber dome at the base of the bowl, which then seals a pocket of air in. You then proceed in pushing it in using the long handle. This action allows the water to be pushed further by air pressure. A few strong pumps should clear the pipeline, and your bowl will be operational again.

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Drain Snake

Sinks are often clogged with random stuff, and the drain hole is usually too small to fit even a finger. A drain snake is a device you can use to reach in and clear the drain. It has a flexible wire-like material and little spikes that can catch hair and other debris in the drain. Simply insert it into the drain, and it snakes its way into the pipe. Hopefully, it pushes out whatever is causing the blockage, or you can pull it out and see if it grabbed onto anything. Either way would be good because it means you cleared out something.

Toilet Auger

Toilet auger is the toilet bowl counterpart of a drain snake. ItĀ has a retractable wire that is long enough to snake into two to three feet further into the bowl’s drainpipe. The coiled end of the wire works its way to clear any obstruction it touches.

Chemical Solutions

There could be some stubborn material stuck in your pipes. If you cannot find a way to reach them, you can use common household chemicals to dissolve them. These chemical solutions either break down or melt the blockage. But use these solutions sparingly because excessive use can damage the pipe over time.

These tools should prepare you for being the handyman of your household. Learning to use these is essential for the well being of your house and your family.

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