Why Everyone Should Go to Work by Bike

The question is not should you take the bike to work instead of the car. The question is, why are you still using your car to get to work? Every year, the biking community has been slowly adding to its followers, but the numbers are still not enough. The vast majority of Americans are still commuting and driving to work. It’s about time this practice stops. Not only is biking physically beneficial, but it also saves money and protects the environment.

But before you get into cycling, remember that you also have to learn about how to take care and fix minor details of your bike. Things like hobbing in Wisconsin or other cities will keep you informed on how to maintain your new form of transportation. It helps to be knowledgeable about how to keep your bike running smoothly to prevent accidents on the road.

You Save Money by Taking the Bike

In New York, a subway or bus ride costs $2.75 one-way. This means that if you take the bus or the subway every day to and from work, you’ll spend $5.50 a day. That’s $143 for a 26-day work month or $1,716 annually. If you take the car, you’ll spend even more on gas, especially if the vehicle sits idly on traffic. On top of fuel consumption, you also have to pay insurance, maintenance, and amortization. Not to mention, finding a parking lot every day will get to your nerves, too.

You Boost Your Health and Reduce Cardiovascular Diseases

Bike parking

Researchers said that people should engage in moderate physical activity at least 2.5 hours every week. Cycling to work is considered a moderate exercise. It can improve your heart’s function, as well as reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. That is especially important for older people. As you grow older, you should find ways to increase your cardiovascular exercises.

You Are Happier

You’ll be surprised how happy biking to work will make you feel. You’ll notice the difference immediately. Can you imagine sitting inside your car and waiting for the traffic light to turn green? How about riding on the train and being stuck there for an hour? That’s never good for your mental health. Feeling the wind on your face will boost your mood. You’ll arrive at work ready for another productive day.

Also, cycling will reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression, and stress. Those who bike to work are known to have a boost in self-confidence. They also have an improved mood overall.

You Help the Environment

Burning fossil fuel is one of the leading causes of why the environment is suffering. You can help in reducing that suffering by taking the bike to work or to your errands. Can you imagine the amount of carbon dioxide that your vehicle emits? Studies showed that burning one gallon of gas creates around 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. Although newer cars are 14% more efficient than older cars pre-2018, it is still a good reason for you to start taking the bike to work.

Your health shouldn’t suffer when going to work. When finding the time to go to the gym seems to be impossible, the next best thing is to take the bike to work. With its many benefits, it should be a norm rather than an exception.

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