Major Reasons Your Windshield Can Sustain Damage

It is a known fact that windshields play an integral role in the safety of drivers and passengers. Also, around 45 percent of the structural integrity of a car is determined by the auto windshield, and a well-installed windscreen is vital for an excellent deployment of airbags. While auto windshields protect your vehicle, they are also prone to damages due to exposure to harsh elements.

The chances are that you drive the same route every day, and you arrive safely with a damaged auto windshield. But maybe today was a different day because you have a cracked or chipped windscreen. The damage takes place so fast that you do not realize what could have damaged your windshield. Usually, windshield damage is among those accidents that you have to deal with as a driver. However, it is wise that you understand some common causes of a damaged windshield that result in windshield repair.

Improper installation

One of the primary causes of damaged windshields is poor installation because it leaves the auto glass susceptible to slight impacts. Windshield installation is a delicate task that requires keenness; otherwise, improper installation leaves gaps on the auto glass, causing a higher vibration rate than usual. Besides damaging the windshield, an improperly installed auto glass poses a risk to the passengers because it may break anytime. As such, you ought to hire an expert in auto windshield replacement to re-install it.

Car accidents

car accident

The first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a car accident is a glass explosion. Head-on collisions cause extensive auto glass breakage. But small cracks also form after a minor car accident. Broken or damaged auto glasses from a car accident come from the impact of the crash or when the frame bends, which exerts pressure on the windshield.

Extreme temperatures

Glass usually expands when the temperatures are high and contracts when cold. Windshields are designed to minimize thermal strain. However, extreme temperatures over a long duration result in cracks. Suppose you reside in an area where the weather shifts suddenly, your windshield is at the risk of getting damaged. For instance, if you have days when temperatures are very high and other days when the temperatures are below freezing for a long time, your car’s windshield could develop cracks. The damages are likely to appear after several years of thermal strain, as opposed to one warm afternoon in the cold months.

Road debris

The other common causes of windshield damages are gravel, rocks, pebbles, and stones thrown by other cars as they move on the road. The small rocks and other objects travel, and they can easily damage your auto glass, causing cracks or chips. While you can do little about this cause of windshield damage, you can try to avoid road debris by keeping a considerable distance between your car and the car in front.

Most of the windshield damages discussed above seem minor when they happen, but they can quickly spread all over the auto glass. As such, the damage renders your windshield dangerous to drive with because it doesn’t protect you. In that case, you don’t have a choice but to replace the windshield.

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