Mobile Marketing Strategies Your Business Can Use

What makes this generation truly different from the previous ones is that people and their smartphones are inseparable. These handheld devices have obviously become an extension of everyone – you can order your food, shop, book flights, reserve a hotel room, and bank with just a few taps. Small business owners should leverage this behavior to extend their reach and find more business opportunities.

Everyone is online now, and it only makes sense to cultivate a mobile-first mentality. When you have the right strategy, you can improve your conversion rate and even build a strong relationship with your existing customers. You may think that you will have to revamp your overall marketing plan, and the truth is, you need to, knowing that a multi-channel approach to your customer communications will yield more leads.

Say you’re selling cars – it’s time to complement your car dealership ads with an engaging tactic. Nevertheless, here are some of the pointers you will need to keep in mind:

Make your website responsive

Your business website may look beautiful on the computer screen, but smartphone or tablet users will not appreciate it if it is not optimized for mobile devices. This is why you need to make sure that your website is mobile responsive. Experts and designers say that responsive mobile design has three defining features. First, it has to have a media query, which makes the website determine the characteristics of certain devices. Second, the grids must be fluid. And third, the visual element should be adaptable to the features of targeted devices.

Go for geofencing

Mobile devices are designed with GPS capabilities. And with permission from the users, businesses will be able to determine their location. With this, you may want to try geofencing. Though, you must note that this works for businesses that have an app for their customers. Through geofencing, you are “fencing” a certain area. Those who have your app on their smartphone will receive a push notification should they enter the area you have fenced.

man using a phone while walking

Use AR

If you want to invest heavily in your marketing’s creatives and tech, you can try augmented reality. Through this technique, you can produce and project virtual elements onto the real-life environment. You can design your app to have this feature. In case you’re selling furniture, your app may be designed to project images of your products in real-world spaces. That way, your customers can easily simulate the look of their homes with your furniture in them.

Optimize content

Much has been said about the optimization of the website content for computer devices. But don’t forget that the content of your site should also fit the standards of mobile users. When it comes to this, you have to make sure that your headers are engaging and your sentences are much shorter. To complement the short copy, you can use short videos and even GIFs, so it will be much easier for your customers to understand what you’re trying to communicate. If you have enough budget, why not gamify your marketing – after all, games are still content.

Implement exclusive deals

You may have an app designed for your customers. You can further engage them and draw their attention by regularly offering deals and discounts that can only be accessed through the mobile device. When you’re taking this approach, you need to make sure that your message is personalized.

Mobile marketing is something that a lot of business people often overlook. But it should be prioritized, as it offers a lot of opportunities – not only for closing deals but also for building a strong relationship.

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