Home Renovation in the Pandemic: House Remodeling Services to Offer

Home improvement projects have spurred during this COVID-19 crisis. It’s expected as most individuals and families have stayed indoors due to the pandemic restrictions. As such, they’ve realized the value of their homes and seen the need to improve their living spaces. Some have already undergone home renovation projects, while others are planning to do so this year.

As a business in the home construction or real estate industry, consider offering specific home services. You can base them on the 2020 State of Home Spending report released by Home Advisor. However, perform research and due diligence to see what particular services are best offered in your locality. Be sure to capitalize on these and see how you can boost your profit.

That said, here are top home remodeling services you can offer during this pandemic:

1. House Painting

When it comes to home improvement projects, house painting tops the list. You can offer either interior or exterior painting services to kick residential properties up a notch. Know that most individuals and families have sought these types of home services during this pandemic. Why? A fresh coat of paint can transform the overall look and appearance of a house. Ultimately, it can create the ideal home atmosphere and set the mood of the whole household.

2. Bathroom Remodeling

Many households consider bathroom remodeling as much-coveted amid this COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals and families are looking to transform their bathrooms, as they are the most used and abused. Not only do they want to keep these rooms clean and hygienic, but they also hope to boost their overall aesthetics and functionality. Some even aspire to turn them into a spa or Zen bathroom for peace and relaxation. Hence, you must consider offering bathroom renovation services.

3. Kitchen Renovation

Apart from the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the house parts that often get renovated. Many families want to spruce up the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of their kitchen. It makes sense, as the kitchen is the heart of a home. Know that healthy and nutritious foods get prepared and cooked in the kitchen. The kitchen is also the part of the house where families converge together for a hearty meal and family bonding. Hence, consider providing kitchen renovation services in your area.

man installing hardwood flooring

4. Flooring Installation

Flooring installation makes it to the famous list of home services offered in 2020. There are a handful of materials homeowners can choose for their floors. These include carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and tile flooring.

This home improvement project has a high demand, as floors always have high foot traffic. As a home construction business, it’s best to include flooring installation in your list of home services. Ultimately, doing so can significantly boost your profit, as many homeowners would love to remodel their floors for safety and functionality.

5. Basement Finishing

There’s no denying how the basements often get neglected. For the most part, homeowners turn them into storage rooms. What they fail to realize is how these house parts have so many home renovation potentials.

During this pandemic, families can transform their basements into a guest room, mini-bar, laundry room, and even an entertainment hub. Hence, you may consider providing basement finishing and remodeling services during this pandemic.

6. Roofing Services

The roofing system serves to protect the household and maintain the property’s structural integrity. But no matter how durable the materials are, they are subject to wear and tear due to the harsh outdoor elements.

Homeowners usually face holed, displaced, and missing shingles, as well as damages in other roofing components (flashing, fascia, soffits, and eaves). Even the gutters and downspouts can get worn out. As a home construction business, provide roofing maintenance, repair, and replacement services during this pandemic.

7. Outdoor Landscaping

The last on the list is the outdoor landscaping service, which is highly coveted this year. Forbes tagged 2020 as the Year of the Home, while 2021 as the Year of Yard. As many homeowners consider improving their outdoor spaces, offer landscaping services as part of your home services. Consider the following:

  • Hardscape installation (deck, patio, pergola, gazebo, and arbor)
  • Gate or fencing installation
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Outdoor gardening
  • Lawn care service

The COVID-19 crisis appears to be favorable to the home construction or real estate industry. As such, you must strike while the iron is hot. That said, consider the home services outlined above, from house painting to basement finishing to outdoor landscaping. By doing so, you’ll make the most of your home construction business, ultimately boosting your profitability amid the pandemic!

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