Road Hazards to Look Out For When Driving Your Car

Every day, people across the country are injured or killed in car accidents. While some of these injuries and deaths are unavoidable due to factors like weather conditions or other natural occurrences, many of them could easily be avoided if drivers were more cautious. This is often the case in serious accidents with multiple vehicles.

The majority of accidents are caused by driver error. Many drivers are not aware of the most common causes of car accidents. While there are several causes, some of which include unsafe driving methods and behaviors, failing to pay attention while operating the vehicle is one of the main causes of car crashes.

Several types of driver distractions lead to accidents. By being aware of these road hazards, drivers can avoid creating dangerous situations while out on the road.

Using Phones While Operating Vehicles

Driving while using cell phones is extremely dangerous and one of the leading causes of car accidents. Talking on the phone can lead to distractions that may cause an accident. Texting while driving has similar effects and also increases the risk of a serious accident.

Eating While Driving

Eating, drinking, and smoking while behind the wheel can also increase the likelihood of an accident. In many cases, these activities can lead to a driver becoming distracted which can cause a car accident. Drinking coffee or soda may be just as dangerous as alcohol because of the caffeine contained in it.

Driving Tired

Unsurprisingly, driving when tired is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Drowsy driving can lead to slower reaction times and makes it more difficult to respond quickly in an emergency. Fatigued drivers are also at a higher risk of falling asleep at the wheel, which can have deadly consequences.

Uneven/Broken Pavement

Driving over uneven, unpaved pavement can cause tires to lose traction with the road. This can be one of the most difficult problems for drivers to deal with on their own since it may require getting out of the car and looking underneath it. If the problem is not fixed quickly, it can lead to tires popping.

Pebbles and Rocks on The Roadway

Driving over large rocks or pebbles on the roadway can be dangerous. These larger objects cause more damage to tires which can lead to an accident. If a tire becomes punctured, it can affect the vehicle’s steering and create hazardous driving conditions.

It can also hit your windshield which can be very dangerous and could cause your glass to break and fly everywhere. If this occurs, you could lose control of your vehicle and possibly get in an accident. An auto glass repair shop can help get your windshield fixed to prevent any further damage.

Excessive road debris can be extremely dangerous for drivers. If you see an object on the road, slow down and try to avoid it. If you must drive over it, try to do so at as close of a distance as possible without actually hitting it.

If you end up hitting the tire treads in your lane, shift to the outside and if you go over a larger object, try to damage your tire as little as possible since it can cause an accident.

Clear/Blowing Snow

snowy road

Windshields are meant to protect drivers from debris kicked up by other vehicles on the road. On highways and other roads, however, drivers may encounter snow blowing into their windshields from cars up ahead. This can obscure the vehicle’s view and affect a driver’s ability to see clearly.

Bad Weather

All-weather conditions are considered hazardous for driving. However, snow and other inclement weather can make it especially difficult to maneuver a car.

Other drivers on the road do not always pay attention to their surroundings or follow safety guidelines that could prevent accidents from occurring. While some accidents are unavoidable due to factors like winter weather, there are several ways to reduce the risk of them occurring. It is important to be aware of common road hazards while driving to prevent accidents from happening.

It’s very likely that other than the “bad weather” category, these would be things you’d want to check for when you’re on the road. However, if you are suddenly faced with bad weather conditions, being aware of this list might help you to prevent an accident from happening.

Driving Under the Influence

While driving under the influence of drugs, whether it is prescription medication or illegal substances, can also result in a car accident. Driving while intoxicated increases a driver’s risk of getting into an accident exponentially. Alcohol and other impairing substances decrease coordination, concentration, and reaction times.

Driving is a dangerous activity that can put lives at risk. Being aware of common road hazards could help prevent an accident from happening. It is important to remain vigilant while behind the wheel to avoid crashing into another car or object.

Unintentional mistakes can occur if one doesn’t pay attention. These accidents are typically due to distractions that take away from focusing on the road.

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