Setting Up an Ergonomic Workspace for Maximum Efficiency

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job. You spend a lot of time talking to people, and when you’re not, you’re in front of a computer typing away plans and accomplishing paperwork. All those hours spent sitting and working on a computer might not sound very difficult, but it causes a lot of strain on the body. Especially when done on a daily basis, it can lead to bad posture and all the associated risks to a sedentary lifestyle.

Regardless of what business you’re in, taking care of your body is important. Your workspace must be healthy, ergonomic, and comfortable enough to allow you to work unimpededly. It’s not just for health either, as optimizing your workstation means you’ll be more productive and more efficient.

If you’re wondering how to make your workspace ergonomic and more efficient, below are some tips you can follow.

Your Monitor Should Be Eye Level

One of the first things we should check is our monitor or computer screen. In the office, we often have our monitors as is, just positioned on your desk with no thought put into it. But many monitors actually do not match our eye level, which causes us to gaze lower or, worse, crane our neck forward. A temporary solution is to get a pile of paper reams or books and just stack them until your monitor is at your eye level. This means your head should be relaxed, not looking a bit upwards nor downwards. A more permanent fix is to get a monitor stand or riser. A stand can either be clamped to your desk or uses screws for better stabilization. This is good if you want to have a bit more space on your desk. On the other hand, a monitor riser can simply be a block, usually wooden or acrylic, which you can use to prop your monitor up. These are usually hollow underneath, which is great for storing your keyboard when not in use.

Make Sure Your Chair Is Comfortable

Working a full-time office job, having a comfortable chair shouldn’t worry you about productivity. Comfort doesn’t mean sleeping through their job. On the contrary, being uncomfortable causes work inefficiently because people will get distracted by body pains throughout the day. Of course, this doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars for a high-end executive chair. A simple way is to look for a chair that has good back support and proper height. This means being able to sit up straight, rest your upper back on the chair, have enough lumbar support, and have your feet touch the ground. If you already have an office chair, though, you can get a lumbar pillow to make sure your lower back has support. If your chair is too high, get yourself a footstool, so your feet are not hanging.

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Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

Taking a break is just as important as working hard. You won’t be able to work your best when you’re constantly fatigued and tired. It doesn’t matter whether your desk and chair are very comfortable—you still need to take breaks both for your mind and body. Walk around, drink a glass of water. You’ll find that your mind is clearer when you take breaks.

You should also have a separate area for resting. It should be a relaxing space. Therefore, consider making some changes to your interiors to help create that illusion of separation between work and rest. For instance, you can add mellow lighting to your rest area so that your eyes can recover from the strain of working hours in front of the computer.  Meanwhile, you can even install faux brick panels to make your space look more dynamic. That way, the design can serve as a prompt that would differentiate the space for work and rest. The important thing is for you to find solutions to create a space that would induce comfort and relaxation. Don’t feel guilty when you rest. Everyone needs it, especially hard-working entrepreneurs.

Your Mouse and Keyboard Should Be Accessible

A good rule of thumb when it comes to your keyboard and mouse setup is that your arms should not be traveling too far when switching between typing and clicking. Your elbows should be parallel to the table, and your shoulders should be relaxed and not lifted. To achieve this, make sure your table and chair are the right height, and your mouse and keyboard should be propped on the table at the same height as well. Avoid placing your mouse on a different platform, like a pullout tray. If you plan on getting a pullout tray, get one that fits both your keyboard and mouse. Again, make sure it’s the right height: not too low and not too high.

Even the busiest and hardest working business person needs to understand the importance of comfort and ergonomics. Your health is also an asset, and it’s something that you simply can’t do without. Taking care of your health also counts as taking care of your business.

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