Daily Safety Practices and Technological Advancements for Food Establishments during COVID-19

Cleanliness is an important aspect of our daily lives. Of course, if an area is constantly untidy, it could negatively impact one’s mental well-being. Along with that, the accumulated dirt and dust may eventually affect their physical health as well.

This is why it is our responsibility to ensure that our surroundings are well-kept at all times, especially if you are handling a business of your own. And since there is an ongoing pandemic, you should know that the safety of everyone that goes in and out of your establishment would now also be one of your top priorities.

Hygiene is a Must

As vaccines are slowly becoming more accessible by the public, many businesses have already decided to reopen their doors once again. But of course, safety protocols, such as social distancing, temperature checks, and the wearing of face masks, are still being strictly implemented.

Follow Preventive Measures Within the Establishment

However, despite following these measures, owners should still pay close attention to their employees as much as they can, especially since they would be staying in the same area for a long period. And once a person gets sick, everyone would already be at risk. So, it would be wise to make some changes that may help prevent such an issue from happening within your establishment.

Improve Ventilation


You could start by improving the ventilation. Let’s say you are running a food business. Even if you regularly sanitize the workstations, dining area, and every other corner possible, the COVID-19 virus may still have a chance of lingering, especially since it is now known to be airborne. So instead of using an air conditioning unit, you could maybe allot your budget to purchase an HVAC system. In that way, the airflow would no longer be too congested. As the days pass, you may even notice a decrease in your energy bills.

Be Extra Cautious of Common Areas

Now when it comes to common areas, such as the restroom, there are many high-touch surfaces as well, from doorknobs, light switches, toilets, sinks, and so on. This is why you may want to assign someone to clean it every hour or two. And if the area is too small, you should also set a limit for the number of people who can enter at the same time. To further lessen the chances of virus transmission, you could even invest in replacing your restroom stalls with bacteria-resistant ones.

Handling Your Products

By now, a lot of individuals may have already developed the habit of spraying and disinfecting everything they bring into their homes as well, whether it be the bags they used during their trip to the grocery, the exterior packaging of the things they ordered online, and the like. But, that may not be the case for ready-made meals.

This is why you should ensure that from the moment your employees prepare the food until the customer receives it, they would be following the safety precautions. Especially if you offer delivery services since the waiting time and distance traveled would be longer.

Incorporate Technology

food delivery app

Entrepreneurs in the food industry can also benefit from the advancements in technology at present. For instance, you can now switch to electronic menus so that customers would have the option of choosing their order through their mobile phones. Along with that, contactless payments could also be an option so that both parties would not have to exchange cash during the entire transaction.

To avoid waiting in long lines, self-order kiosks could help reduce physical interaction as well. Over time, this may even lower your labor costs since you would not need as many employees manning the counter as you used to.

If you are willing to accept customers who would like to dine in, then you could make use of a booking system. With this, they would get the chance to reserve their tables before they arrive, which could lessen the chances of overcrowding. To accommodate more people, you could also offer al fresco dining, as long as you have enough outdoor space.

Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Business

No one knows when the COVID-19 pandemic would end. So instead of simply waiting for better days to come, you should think of how you can adjust as you go along. If you are a business owner, you could start by enhancing the amenities within your premises. Whether by investing in a new ventilation system or regularly maintaining the cleanliness of common areas, doing these could already help in keeping you, your employees, and your customers safe.

And because we now have the technology by our side, you should use it to your advantage as well. Not only would it make transactions easier and faster, but it may be an ideal way of lessening physical interaction as well.

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