The No-Stress Long Distance Move: A Quick Guide

Moving to another state can be exciting, but in can also be nerve-wracking. Adequate preparation can prevent problems, and professional assistance from long distance movers can make the experience better. Where do you start?

Begin with a checklist so you can prioritize tasks, saving time and energy for the moving date.

Pack Up in Advance

Packing your belongings in boxes is relatively easy when you follow a system. Why not try to organize your packing scheme by rooms? This technique will allow you to finish every room without leaving anything behind. When you mark each box by room, your movers can easily place them where they need to be.

Another technique is to pack the non-essentials first. This way, you get the less used items out of the way. You also don’t have to rummage through packed boxes looking for one important tool. Remember to leave enough room in the box for the essential pieces.

Aside from marking the boxes according to their room, you can list the contents. You’ll settle into your new place when you know what each box contains. You can label each box by color for better organization and visibility.

Budget Accordingly

Man holding moneyMoving to another state isn’t cheap. The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) states that the average cost of hiring professional movers for an out-of-state move is $4,300. The cost may go up when you factor in your moving date (a weekend move can cost more) and the bulk of your belongings.

A do-it-yourself move is an option to manage your expenses. But you’ll still have to pay for a truck rental or container and other moving supplies.

If you’re moving for a job, you may be able to deduct certain expenses (except for meals). You’ll need to fill out Form 3903, and meet the criteria to claim expense deduction.

Before you decide to go with a mover or a DIY approach, list the pros and cons of each. See if you can meet the cost of a moving service or if you’re willing to do all the physical work of moving out and moving in.

Inform Your Utility Companies Before Moving

You’ll need to contact your utility companies, ideally weeks before you move. You have to inform them that you are relocating to another state so they can shut the service.

When it comes to water and sewer services, you’ll need to arrange an installation with the company servicing your new city or town. You’ll want to do this in advance as well because you don’t want to spend your first day in your new home without running water or plumbing.

And don’t forget to forward your mail. Do it ahead of time to avoid the hassle of not receiving letters, bills, and important documents in your new home.

Moving can be more of an exciting time and less of a stressful experience. You can achieve this when moving out-of-state with adequate preparation. So pack in advance, stick to a budget, and don’t forget the utilities.

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