Top Ways to Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

In temperate climates, the need to regulate the temperature presents one of the biggest expenses for the ordinary family. In the summer, you need to cool down and in the winter, you need to heat up. That said, there are seasons wherein we need to spend a significant amount just to live comfortably in our home.

Since HVAC usage is already a necessity, we need to find ways to reduce energy cost. You can have the air conditioning and heat pump service at a lower price. Here are some of the experts’ input:

Check the Energy Efficiency

It all starts with the equipment that you buy. If you already have a built-in furnace or air conditioning systems that are just a couple of years old, then you might as well just keep them and check on their maintenance. If you have a fuel-based furnace, that can be cheaper than electric furnaces because electricity is usually more expensive.

Aside from these expenses, there are high-efficiency HVAC equipment pieces and they have the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90 or higher. Air conditioners are evaluated through the SEER rating, which should be 15 or higher to ensure that they have satisfactory efficiency.

Easy on the Thermostat

Sometimes, it’s not even on the equipment and you only need a simple solution. Check on the thermostat settings that you usually choose. Remember that the goal is to have a tolerable temperature, if not the ideal. If you can be satisfied with 78F when you want to cool down, or a 77F when you need some heat, then you can keep the bills in check. At these medium temperatures, most families would be comfortable enough.

Keep the Temperature Settings Constant

Aside from setting a small range of temperatures, it would also be best to avoid making too many adjustments throughout the day. You can actually wear out your AC or heating system, even if you keep placing it on a lower setting in the cold or a higher setting in the heat, which would mean you’re trying to save. It’s better to choose a comfortable setting and stick to it for the rest of the day.

We would often make the practice of turning the temperature too low when we arrive home on a hot day, and then adjust the temperature when it gets cold. It is better to set the temperature that you can tolerate, and be patient as the room cools. The same applies when we need heat. We have the misconception that turning up the temperature will heat the room quicker, but this is simply inaccurate.

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

fixing the HVAC unit

There are actual benefits to a Wi-Fi thermostat, not just the convenience of replacing the remote control. It has tips and settings for maximum efficiency and more precise temperature control. You can also set a range to ensure that temperature is at a comfortable level.

With a Wi-Fi thermostat, there is no wasted energy and it can adjust to the most efficient settings at the best parts of the day, something you would not figure out on manual remote control.

With more information and an effort to follow certain tips, you could gain higher savings in terms of energy expenses. Comfort is not a luxury, as you need it after a hard days’ work, but it should not be too expensive to eat too much of your income.

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