Why Trees Are Crucial to Every Patio

It’s nice to have an outdoor space of your own, no matter how small or big it can be. But there are times when you can’t help but feel suffocated when you’re in it. Your options seem to be limited than maximizing every inch of it feels like a challenge.

Fortunately, there are smart solutions to help you maximize your space. One way to do it is by adding trees. Contrary to common beliefs, adding a tree to any landscape can act as a focal point to your entire design. But to make it work, you need to find the right size for your lot.

Getting one that’s too big can only cause the tree to swallow up the entire scene. Meanwhile, choosing one that’s too small will only make it look like you added it as an afterthought. But how do you choose the right tree without any help from a landscape architect in Spokane?

Buying a tree for your landscape

There’s more to choosing a tree than just considering its height. House Beautiful says that you need to check the details when you shop for small trees in store. When buying a tree for your small area, look for the one that has a straight trunk. You can do that tapping the root and lifting it out of the container.

If it seems twisted, then it’ll be hard to straighten the roots out. You should also be aware of the roots based on the structure of your yard and its pathway. When you’re planting small trees, you should avoid placing them in areas that are close to a patio or a house.

Bear in mind that if you’re planting these trees, planting it near a brick patio can push the bricks up and damage its foundation. Lastly, you should avoid mending the soil. Doing so will only halt the root growth once it reaches the yard’s fresh dirt.

Best trees for your patio

Patio deck backyard

If you’re planting a tree as the focal point of your patio, then it’s best to choose the one that’ll fit your limited space. One of the plants that you can consider is a chaste tree. It’s a Mediterranean and Asian native plant that have multiple trunks which is perfect as a shade tree.

Its leaves have a pleasant aroma, which also produces lavender-blue flowers that bloom during fall and summer. Another plant that you can have in your patio is citrus trees. It often comes in semi-dwarf, dwarf, and container varieties which are perfect for any landscape size.

You can also put the container trees outside, especially during the mid-winter. Another tree that’s perfect for your patio is the classic Japanese maple. You can plant these trees in containers that have a diameter of a couple of inches wider than the plant’s root ball.

Choosing the right tree for your backyard space is an excellent way to create a living focal point in your landscape design. Ensure that you’re consistent about watering it in the beginning so that it’ll thrive. Also, don’t prune it for the first year so it won’t hinder its growth.

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